Christmas Tall Stand Up Woodblocks


This Collection of Christmas Poppy Woodblocks are stunning pops of colour.

This listing is for 20cm Tall Stand Up Woodblock, 3 designs to choose from. (High Horizon, Poppy, Middle Horizon) and 1 Small Stand Up.

Check out my other listings for the rest of the collection. Each woodblock can stand alone or mix as part of a group.
Painted in Oil paint and finished with an Art Resin gloss top coat. As with Art Resin, the finish is part of the design and not completly flat in all cases.

20cm Blocks £60 each and 2 to choose from.
15cm Blocks £40, just 1 of these beauties left.
Tall Blocks, 20cm tall, £25 each. 3 of these.
Small stand up, 10cm tall, £15, just one of these.

Postage Small Parcel.